Texas Animation Game and Visual Effects Showcase

This project originated in 2007 with ABOSG Community Ambassador J. Schuh, 2006-2007 ABOSG President J. Marshall Pittman, and Texas Film Commission's Animation and Video Game Liaison Katy Daiger. 2008 featured the first Texas Animation, Games and Visual Effects Showcase. By reaching thousands of people through online advertising and tradeshow promotion, the reel has been instrumental in showing the quality, breadth, and quantity of work being done around the state to Texas Legislators, Industry Producers, and other investors interested in bringing business to Texas.

If you are considering contributing to the Texas Showcase as an Animation, Game, or Visual Effects company, please see Showcase Submission Guidelines for the current version details.

If you are ready to upload your content, please see Showcase Upload Directions.

A Bunch of Short Guys, in partnership with the Texas Film Commission, produces the Texas Showcase Reel, an animation, games, and visual effects reel showcasing work from all over the great state of Texas.



Vince Sidwell

ABOSG President 2008-2010